8/?/02 - 11/18/02
A small baby rabbit had been carried home in the mouth of a cat. The cat's owner rescued the tiny creature from feline harm and hurried it to the veterinarian for a quick check-up. With a clean bill of health but unable to keep the small bunny, it was brought to Meadow Gates where he was named Flippit.

Flippit enjoyed free run of the house and kept Scooter, the amputee rabbit, great company. Scooter babied and allowed the youngster to snuggle and cuddle with him.

All went well until the little rambunctious tyke hopped over a sleeping dog. A snap of the dog's jaws inflicted a nasty wound to young Flip's face. A trip to the veterinarian showed only a puncture and slight bruising. Put on antibiotics and sent home, everything looked good for this little guy. Unknown to all, Flippit had developed a deep and severe infection at the site of the wound. After months of medication, veterinary attention, and loving care, this sweet animal succumbed to the untreatable and vile infection.

This obituary is a testimonial to the world that this tiny creature made his mark in our hearts and will be dearly missed.