Spring 2001
legs atrophic
Summer 2004
Summer 2001
         Scooter, a mini-rex rabbit, became a disabled pet after he had been frightened of a cat walking past his cage. In a panic he dislocated his spine causing permanent injury. He was oblivious to his predicament and tried to get about by dragging himself around. He started to take an "L" shape as his hips and hocks became fused and atrophy set in. It was recommended that his rear legs be removed for his better mobility and for cleanliness. The surgery was a huge success and Scooter, after being fitted with a homemade cart, was a marvel on wheels.

        Since his injury, he had become a permanent fixture to our living room where he scooted from person to person seeking an ear scratching (can't quite do it himself, no back legs to scratch with). In the summer, he was often taken on trips to town or mountains where he enjoyed new sights, sounds, and smells.

         He was a very friendly fellow, and softened even the hardest heart, be they human or animal. He shared his living room with cats, large dogs, and people. In the spring, a bottlefed baby lamb might keep him company. Warm weather found him lolling about under a bush while his human caretakers tended to fences, always keeping a watchful eye overhead for hungry eagles seeking to finish off what was left of Scooter.

           After over 7 years of life of which 5 years consisted of his high-wheeling adventures, Scooter died on January 4th, 2006. His deteriorating health, difficulty in mobilty, and decreasing appetite foretold the end was near. His last medical visit with the vet who had performed the amputation years ago, showed a degenerative spine disease common with handicapped creatures.

           Scooter's heart remained strong to its last beat. He rested in the glow of the descending winter sun. He timed his departure to coincide with a brief pause in the hurried bustle of the lives around him. An event that would have been tragic had he not shared it. I will be forever thankful for his life on this planet. He was a great soul.          
Scooter behind our guardian farmdog
All of these pictures were unstaged. Scooter free-roamed the house and interacted with every animal that came through. He was our
ambassador of good will.